PIOs/Communications Professionals


The Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) PIOs and Communications Professionals affiliate group represents the power of collaborative growth and expertise amplification within the county communications landscape. 

PIOs and county communications professionals are integral to effective county communication, crucial in disseminating vital information, and fostering constituent engagement. By coming together through this affiliate group, PIOs and county communicators have a unique platform to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and collectively enhance their capabilities. This collaboration not only fortifies individual roles but also has the potential to make contributions to MACo’s legislative program formulation.

The group emphasizes a cooperative approach, recognizing that united efforts lead to improved strategies, streamlined processes, and heightened preparedness for emerging challenges. By actively engaging with fellow communications professionals, members have the opportunity to enrich their understanding of the dynamic communication landscape, ultimately elevating the quality and impact of county communications.

PIOs and communications professionals working for County (and Baltimore City) Government are invited to join this vibrant community. For membership inquiries, please contact MACo’s Communications Coordinator, Shantelle Malcolm-Lym.

Staff Liaison

Shantelle Malcolm-Lym

Sarah Ehman

Affiliate President
Public Information Program Manager
Calvert County