2022 Session

MACo Legislative Tracking Database

Track the status of bills determined to have an impact on local government. Search bills tracked by MACo by number, issue area, tracking level or by the MACo policy staff member.

MACo Legislative Tracking Database

All County Impact Bills

MACo has identified a list of all bills that will have a possible impact on local government. This list does not contain local bills. Legislative research on each bill will determine each bill's actual implications and impact on counties. Therefore, some bills may be removed from the list that is presented to the Legislative Committee for review.

All County Impact Bill List

Bills Pending MACo Legislative Committee Review

The following list contains newly identified impact bills yet to be considered by the MACo Legislative Committee. Ongoing legislative research on each bill will determine its implications and actual impact on counties. Depending on the results of this staff research, some bills may be removed and consequently not presented to the Legislative Committee for review and action.

Bills Pending Review

Recent MACo Legislative Committee Action

During the legislative session, a list of the bill positions taken by the MACo Legislative Committee at their most recent meeting will be available on this page. This list is updated following each Legislative Committee meeting.

Recent Legislative Committee Action

MACo Legislative Initiatives

Each year MACo adopts a slate of top legislative initiatives, typically representing the wide swath of services counties deliver to Maryland residents. The Initiatives Subcommittee meets through the summer to refine and focus a list of dozens of proposed initiatives into no more than four as required by the Association’s bylaws. The slate is then presented to the Legislative Committee for adoption.

2022 Legislative Initiatives