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FY 2015 State Budget Documents
There are many budget documents available to review, but county government related information is often buried in multi-page reports. We've identified the sections of the budget that impact County Government and posted them into the following chart for easy access.
Budget Topic Source    County Details
FY 2015 Final Capital Budget Actions: Conference Committee Reports
FY 2015 Final Operating Budget Actions: Conference Committee Reports
Supplemental Budget Documents
FY 2015 Operating Budget Decisions: House Budget Plan
FY 2015 Capital Budget Decisions: Senate Budget Plan
FY 2015 Operating Budget Decisions: Senate Budget Plan
Budget Analysis: State Highway Administration
Budget Analysis: MSDE Aid to Education
Budget Analysis: State Department of Assessments and Taxation
Budget Analysis: Aid to Community Colleges
Budget Analysis: Payments to Civil Divisions of the State
Budget Analysis: State Reserve Fund
Budget Analysis: State Board of Elections
Budget Analysis: Maryland Department of Transportation - Secretary's Office
Budget Analysis: Interagency Committee on School Construction
Budget Hearing: Capital Budget Fiscal Briefing

Budget Hearing: Maryland Department of Transportation Fiscal 2015 Budget Overview
Budget Hearing: State Retirement Agency
Budget Hearing: Department of Planning
House Ways & Means Committee - Local Aid Briefing
House Ways & Means Committee - County Revenue Outlook Fiscal 2014
House Ways & Means Committee - Briefing on Property Tax Exemptions and Payments in Lieu of Taxes in Maryland
Budget Briefing: Chesapeake Bay Overview
Budget Hearing: Department of Business & Economic Development
Senate Budget & Taxation Committee and House Appropriations Committee Fiscal Briefing
Governor's Fiscal Year 2015 Proposed Operating Budget
Governor's Fiscal Year 2015 Proposed Capital Budget
Spending Affordability Briefing (December 18, 2013)
Spending Affordability Briefing (November 14, 2013)
Spending Affordability Briefing (October 16, 2013)

Contact Information

For more information on budget and taxation issues, contact Barbara Zektick

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