FY 2024 State Budget Documents

There are many budget documents available to review, but county government-related information is often buried in multi-page reports. We’ve identified the sections of the budget that impact County Government and posted them into the following chart for easy access.

SourceCounty Details
Governor’s Fiscal Year
2024 Proposed
Operating Budget
Budget Highlights 

Operating Budget Book:Proposed Operating Budget Detail by Agency

Governor’s 2024 Budget Proposal – What It Means for Counties
Governor’s Fiscal Year
2024 Proposed Capital

Capital Improvement Plan 

Capital Budget as Proposed

Capital Budget Map

Capital Budget as Proposed by County

DLS Analyses: FY 2024 OverviewFiscal Briefing Document

State Aid to Local Governments

Two-year Charts by County and Program

Two-year Charts by Entity 

Supplemental Budgets  
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