The Maryland Correctional Administrators Association (MCAA) is an organization of correctional professionals founded in the 1960's. The membership is comprised of professionals working in adult correctional detention centers, adult community correctional facilities or any adult place of confinement as defined by Title 12, Subtitle 14 of the Code of Maryland Administrative Regulations. Membership also includes other allied local and state agencies.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the MCAA is to provide opportunities for the development of skills, knowledge, and initiatives, to maintain the integrity of corrections throughout the State of Maryland.

The MCAA vision is committed to providing continuous improvement in corrections for the purpose of promoting enhanced public safety in Maryland.

Association Goals

Goals are to enhance public safety by promoting the best interest of each jurisdiction through:

  • Improved operations;
  • Improved training and working conditions; and
  • Improved programs for those in custody, awaiting trial, serving sentences or otherwise confined.

To meet its mission and vision, administrators of state and local facilities in Maryland will:

  • Meet regularly to develop and advance the principles of modern corrections.
  • Establish unity and consensus among local and state correctional administrators on matters concerning their respective operations.
  • Propose, advocate and monitor relevant criminal justice legislation.
  • Promote and assist in the development of minimum standards for the operation of inmate programs and correctional facilities.
  • Collaborate with public and private policy-making bodies to facilitate the effectiveness of public safety.
  • Promote and encourage the development of staff training, resources and training programs. * Facilitate the coordination of operational activities between agencies, the collection, and analysis of relevant data and sponsor research.
  • Encourage and promote the development, implementation, and refinement of effective community release, alternatives to incarceration and reintegration programs.
  • Coordinate technical assistance between correctional agencies for the development of appropriate and adequate correctional resources.


Membership is open to individuals working in corrections and related fields in Maryland. There are three (3) standard types of membership:

Regular - Any correctional administrator and his/her designated staff members. Each local jurisdiction may have up to six voting members. State correctional institutions and facilities may hold membership and are entitled to vote.

Associate  - Any person sponsored or recommended by a Regular Member who will uphold the goals and objectives of the organization. Associate members do not vote.

Business  - Any company producing products designed for and intended to promote the principles of modern corrections and sponsored by or recommended by any Regular member. Business members do not have voting rights.


Budget & Finance, By-laws (ad hoc), conference/program, correctional employee benefits (ad hoc), information, resource and technology, legal issues (ad hoc), legislative, mental health and substance abuse, nominating/election, standards, state & local policy board, training, research and professional development.

Foundation & Scholarships

The MCAA Scholarship Foundation was established by the Association in 2001.

Over the past three years, more than $40,000 in college and professional development scholarships were awarded to deserving corrections professionals and their dependents in Maryland. Funds for scholarships are derived from vendor support and special events such as the annual golf tournament.

Staff Liaison

Sarah Sample

Mary Ann Thompson

Affiliate President 
St. Mary's County