American Fidelity

The Maryland Association of Counties (MACo) is proud to introduce American Fidelity Assurance Company as its newly endorsed partner. American Fidelity, a company focused on serving local government nationwide, has been assisting Maryland public sector employers with managing the increasing costs, complexities, and time requirements related to employee benefit administration.



American Fidelity holds a strong reputation nationally as they currently assist over 6,000 counties, municipalities, and school districts. This expertise makes them well-suited to help each of our members better manage the key benefit challenges we all share. American Fidelity is known for its customer service and ability to work with members on customized solutions that best fit their needs.

With increases in audit activity, benefit plan design changes, and overall costs, this would be an opportune time to evaluate how American Fidelity’s solutions could provide value to both you and your employees.

Some of the key areas where American Fidelity is helping our local members include:

  • Reimbursement Account Administration; FSA, HSA, HRA
  • Enrollment Solutions & Employee Education
  • Enrollment Technology
  • Enhanced Employee Funded Benefits
  • Dependent Verification Review
  • Section 125 Administration

Where Can I Find More Information?
Contact Public Sector Director (Eastern Region) Jared Levy at 800.654.8489 x2432 with any inquiries.