2015 Chesapeake Checkpoint Symposium

MACo's Chesapeake Checkpoint Symposium

June 24, 2015
10:30 am - 3:30 pm
Blue Heron Center at Quiet Waters Park, Anne Arundel County

Maryland is working through a complex landscape of plans, commitments, and strategies to improve the quality of our watersheds and the Chesapeake Bay. Many of these arise from laws and regulations adopted over a stretch of several years, but still not fully implemented. At this “checkpoint” we explored – where are we? What’s the status of Watershed Implementation Plans at both the state and local level? What are the standards coming from the federal administrators and from the courts? What is the latest with stormwater, federal permits, litigation, and legislation? What is the role of the Susquehanna River, upstream pollution, and the Conowingo Dam on this outlook? What issues remain unresolved, and where should Maryland be focusing next?

MACo and a wide range of stakeholders got together for a checkup on our treasured water assets and the progress toward our goals and mandates.

For more details, please read Conduit Street blog coverage of the event.